Our Master Plan is complete!

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We are working through the details and are excited to be sharing the results with you!

The first project to be undertaken is the restoration of the Gilfillan Farm Smokehouse.

The Master Plan had this to say about the smokehouse:

- Replace the roof appropriate with materials to the period

- Install a proper drip edge at the perimeter

- Hire a mason with historic renovation experience

- Determine the condition of the foundation

- Address the perimeter at grade to create positive drainage

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To better understand the work and the cost involved in restoring the smokehouse to the 1860’s according to the Secretary of the Interior’s standard for historic buildings, Arris Construction was engaged to do a detailed assessment of the building. They made the following recommendations:

 - Paint stripping – remove layers of existing paint

 - Deconstruction – remove bricks one at a time, assess the integrity of each brick, catalog placement for reconstruction

 - Footer, Foundation and Drainage – build a new footer and foundation to ensure future stability, adequate drainage will be placed to keep moisture away from the building

- Reconstructing Brick Walls – the original brick will be reused as possible and the original smoke stains will be retained as possible, additional locally sourced historic brick will be used to fill in the gaps and period appropriate mortar will be mixed

 - Roofing – a new roof will be built with time appropriate materials



The assessment estimates that this project could cost $96,000. Fundraiser efforts are underway.



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